After several days playing around with newt i am quite disappointed to come to a point where i have to say, that newt has not only a very limited documentation (i think there’s only documentation of about 50% of the newt functionality) — which would not be that of a problem, though. The bigger problem is, that things are very unstable. “Segmentation faults” reproducable on different operating systems and platforms — not sure though, if the problem is newt or pecl_newt. However: this is definitly not what i want. So, let’s move on to something better.

I had a look at the apple’s opensource repository the other day and stumbled over a ncurses package. I had problems with the normal gnu ncurses package before, it would not install but hang when building the terminfo database. With the ncurses package i found at apple’s opensource repository, i get it to install. Here is the howto:

Note: The first three steps below are for osx 10.5.x. For osx 10.6.6 simply download ncurses 5.7 and build it using ./configure --with-shared.

  1. Download ncurses from apple’s opensource repository. You can find it by clicking on the link of the Mac OSX version you are running, eg. 10.5.8.
  2. Unpack the package und you get a directory called something like “ncurses-21” or so. Next cd into this direktory and run make and sudo make install. If make complains about a missing directory /tmp/ncurses/Build, just create it mkdir -p /tmp/ncurses/Build and start again.
  3. Now an intermediate build should have been generated. Next cd /tmp/ncurses/Build, make and sudo make install. Now ncurses should have been successfully installed.
  4. Ready to install the ncurses php extension by either executing sudo pecl install ncurses or downloading ncurses from and building manually.
  5. Don’t forget to add to your php.ini

Now everything should be ready to start writing ncurses apps — however: for me it sill did not work. The simplest ncurses app resultet in the following error message:

Error opening terminal: vt100.

What’s going on? dtruss might be your friend to figure this out. Execute the following command, where example.php is your ncurses app you want to run: sudo dtruss php example.php. You should see output like:

lstat("/Users/harald\0", 0xBFFFE41C, 0xFFFFFFFFBFFFEFC8)                 = 0 0
lstat("/Users\0", 0xBFFFE2EC, 0xFFFFFFFFBFFFEFC8)                = 0 0
ioctl(0x3, 0x4004667A, 0xBFFFF17C)               = -1 Err#25
ioctl(0x3, 0x402C7413, 0xBFFFF150)               = -1 Err#25
fstat(0x3, 0xBFFFF1B0, 0xBFFFF150)               = 0 0
mmap(0x0, 0x226, 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x100000000)             = 0x17FA000 0
lseek(0x3, 0x0, 0x1)             = 518 0
munmap(0x17FA000, 0x1F3)                 = 0 0
close_nocancel(0x3)              = 0 0
ioctl(0x1, 0x4004667A, 0xBFFFECEC)               = 0 0
stat("/Users/harald/.terminfo\0", 0xBFFFEC00, 0xBFFFECEC)                = 0 0
access("/Users/harald/.terminfo/73/vt100\0", 0x4, 0xBFFFECEC)              = -1 Err#2
stat("/usr/local/share/terminfo\0", 0xBFFFEC00, 0xBFFFECEC)              = -1 Err#2
write_nocancel(0x2, "Error opening terminal: vt100.\n\0", 0x24)            = 36 0

You can see, that ncurses is looking for a file vt100 in a terminfo directory and fails looking at /usr/local/share/terminfo. I indeed had no directory /usr/local/share/terminfo but a directory /usr/share/terminfo. I was not able to figure out, where i could specify the correct directory configuration for this, so i just created a symlink: sudo ln -snf /usr/share/terminfo /usr/local/share/terminfo. After creating the symlink, i was able to execute my example ncurses application. Find a complete list of binary broker here.


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This is a huge game in Group I of the World Cup Qualifying, with both teams involved in a tight group where any one of four teams can top the group. That will leave one team making the playoffs and two teams being disappointed that they have not qualified for Russia, despite playing well in parts.

The four teams involved are these two, who are tied on 11 points right now, and Croatia and Iceland, who are tied at the top on 13 points right now. With four games to go things are beginning to hot up and the top two places are being fiercely contested. Whoever loses this game is going to find it tough to recover, and with so much at stake we should be in for a great game.

Ukraine Form

Ukraine are currently 4th in Group I, with three wins, two draws and one loss so far from their six games. They are level with Turkey in third, and two points behind the top two clubs Croatia and Iceland.

In their last game Ukraine kept their qualification hopes alive with a good 2-1 victory away in Finland. That came on the back of a defeat in Croatia and was much needed for them, but even more is needed if they are to make it to Russia.

After this game Ukraine have to travel to Iceland and Kosovo, as well as playing a home game against Croatia on the final day. That run in is very tough for them, but it does mean they hold their own destiny right now and a win over Turkey in this game, followed up by a win in Iceland next week would give them a real chance of winning this group.

Turkey Form

Turkey are currently 3rd in Group I, they have three wins, two draws and one loss but their slightly better goal difference is what is keeping them ahead of Ukraine. They are just two points behind the top two and will fancy their chances of catching them if they can pull off a good result on their visit to the Ukraine.

In their last game, they had a comfortable victory over bottom of the table Kosovo, beating them 4-1 away from home. They won their two games before that too, over Finland and Kosovo again so they have built up some momentum and despite facing lower opposition they will still be pleased with that.

After this game, Turkey face a huge game at home to table leaders Croatia next week. That game is going to be huge, especially if they manage to get a result from their trip to Ukraine. It doesn’t get much easier after that, they face second placed Iceland at home in the game after, before ending their campaign with an away game against Finland.

Team News

Andriy Yarmolenko will come to this game on the back of a big money move to Borussia Dortmund and he is sure to be up for this game to show his new club what they can expect. He scores a lot of goals and is going to be a threat that Turkey have to deal with.

Cenk Tosun is speculated to be moving in the transfer window, with many clubs interested in him. He is the hope for Turkey and is a very strong, powerful forward who currently plays for Besiktas. If he doesn’t move this summer, he will still be a target for the winter transfer window and I expect we will hear a lot more of his name over the coming months.

Top Betting Tips

This game is sure to be very close and it is difficult to split these two teams.

I am going to side with Ukraine, mainly due to the home advantage they have in this game and I am going to back them to win the game at 13/10 with Bet365 and William Hill.(

This offers good value and they will be desperate to win the game, before giving it their all as they try and qualify for next year’s World Cup in Russia.

The game is going to be close but with home advantage and a potential game winner in Andriy Yarmolenko then Ukraine have the advantage and it is one that I think will give them the three points in this game. Should Ukraine win the game like I hope then their trip to Iceland next week is going to be a huge game that will be worth watching.

Stadion Soccer

This is a huge game on Saturday afternoon for both of these as they look to climb back into the race for qualification to the World Cup. Both teams still have a chance of qualifying, although they are behind the top two Serbia and Republic of Ireland right now and they need a win to make ground.

With both teams desperate for the three points, and with qualification coming to an end, this game should be a great game for the fans to watch, with both teams sure to give it their all. The World Cup Qualifying Group D is one of the closest groups right now, although after the weekend one or both of these could be out of contention, missing out on a trip to Russia next year.

Wales Form

Wales only have themselves to blame for the position they are in, failing to win games they should have. They have drawn their last five games in qualification, giving them one win and five draws from their six games.

The three away draws were good, but the two home draws, especially the game against Moldova, look like costing them the chance to play in the 2018 World Cup. Being difficult to beat is good, but Wales really need to find a way to win games, and they must start now even though it may be too late for them.

Wales are four points behind the two leaders Serbia and Republic of Ireland, and they are level with their opponents Austria. With Serbia and Republic of Ireland both having winnable games, whoever loses this game will be seven points behind if the leaders win, and firmly out of the running.

Austria Form

Like Wales, Austria will know that they have put themselves in the position they are in thanks to their poor home form. Austria have picked up just one win from their three home games, which game against Moldova and they have failed to land three points against either of their rivals Wales or Republic of Ireland.

With two home games to come for Austria after this trip to Wales, something from here would give them a chance of qualifying, if they could improve at home. However, a defeat in Wales would mean they would find things tough, even if they did pick up maximum points from their remaining home games.

Austria are four points behind Serbia and Republic of Ireland and they can’t afford for that gap to grow. This trip to Wales is going to be tough for them, but anything other than a win will likely leave them six or seven points behind the leaders, a gap that is too big to close over the final three games.

Team News

Wales will as ever rely on their star man Gareth Bale to provide them with a spark. Elsewhere, Sam Vokes has started the season well for Burnley and he will be looking to add to his international tally coming into the game in good form.

For Austria, look out for striker Marc Janko, he knows how to finish and with Marko Arnautovic behind him offering creativity, he is sure to get chances off his team mate.

Top Betting Tips

This games is a huge game for both teams and if one of them or both fail to take home three points then they are out of the qualification race, assuming the top two win like they should. Both Serbia and Republic of Ireland have fairly easy games and with the table as tight as it is, I am expecting to see both of them pick up three points this weekend.

Should the game end in a draw here then it would put both teams six points behind the two leaders, again assuming they win, and that is a bridge too far for them with just three games to go, so a draw would suit neither club. That means both teams have to go out and win the game, which slightly favours the home team, who are sure to be backed by a very vocal Welsh crowd.

I am going to back Wales to win the game and snap their long drawing streak. They are available to back at 5/4 with Betfred and William Hill and in a must win game for them, that offers good value. This is a huge game for both clubs, I am backing Wales to keep their qualification hopes alive with a win in this one. (odds from